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* When the community meter is full, all of the rewards will be unlocked!


Magic helps bring back the happiness and fun to your Kingdom and those of your friends!

To unlock this magical in-game reward, help fill the meter by signing up and sharing with your friends!


Trimmed in the image of our lovable friend, Mickey Mouse, this Mickey Ears Topiary is a perfect reminder of all the great and wonderful things in the world.

Register and share to help unlock this reward, and plant it in your park when the game is released!


Gems lie at the heart of any great Kingdom. They'll be your guiding light as you restore happiness and wonder to the world!

Give your park a head start by filling the meter and unlocking this reward.


A prestigious item only for you! Sprinkle some sparkle into your park with this unique hat stand. Your guests will be the talk of the town as they show off their dazzling apparel!

Help fill the meter all the way up to get this one-time-only reward.