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Patch Note


Indiana Jones has landed in the Kingdom.


Grab your fedora and get ready for an exciting new storyline based on Disneyland’s “Indiana Jones Adventure” attraction. Funding for the excavation of “The Temple of the Forbidden Eye” has run out and Indy and Sallah have started running tours to raise money. However, the tourists have begun disappearing… Embark on a quest filled journey with Indy and Sallah to rescue the missing tourists and uncover the archaeological find of the century!


Download the update on Tuesday August 8th

Cascading Tapper Event begins on Thursday August 10th

Mini Event begins on Thursday August 17th


*Note: Some platforms may receive the update at a later time, but don’t worry—everyone will be able to take part in our time-limited events at the same time!


Note II: Indiana Jones is time-limited content

New Content


  • Sallah
  • René Belloq (Premium Character)
  • Indiana Jones



  • Indiana Jones’s Whip Stand



  • Indiana Jones Gold Trophy



  • Indiana Jones Adventure



  • Indiana Jones Float



  • None this update, stay tuned!


Note: Tokens available from Token Sources—e.g. Attraction, Enchanted Attractions, Character Activities, etc.—are balanced on an Event/Update basis and are subject to change.


CASCADING TAPPER EVENT – August 10th – August 16th


Enjoy 3 Tappers in 1! Silverware, Wacky Lunch Chests and Vine Cages will soon be arriving in your Kingdom.


Silverware Stage:

No helper characters or attractions required. Simply tap them away and wait for more to appear!


Spawn Time: Up to ten (10) Silverware Tappers every two (2) hours.


Leaderboard Rewards:

  • Magic
  • Bronze Chests
  • Decoration Chest


Milestone Rewards:

  • Happiness
  • Common Blueprints
  • Extra Small Elixir Ingots


Wacky Lunch Chests Stage:

In order to maximize your success at this stage, you can rely on Lumiere, Cinderella and Goofy for help!


Spawn Time: Up to six (6) Wacky Lunch Chest Tappers every two (2) hours.


Token Sources (Key)

  • Silverware Tappers
  • Pluto – A Treat from Goofy


Token Sources (Heart Lock)

  • Fairy Godmother – Offering Advice
  • Bo Peep – Check Al’s Toy Barn
  • Hamm – Getting a Toy Tour
  • Sarge – Meeting at Al’s Toy Barn
  • Beast – To the West Wing
  • Belle – Talk to the Townsfolk


Leaderboard Rewards:

  • Magic
  • Silver Chests
  • Concession Chest


Milestone Rewards:

  • Happiness
  • Small Elixir Ingots
  • Uncommon Blueprints


Vine Cages Stage:

In order to maximize your success at this stage, you can rely on Gaston, Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear for help!


Spawn Time: Up to six (6) Vine Cage Tappers every four (4) hours.


Token Sources (Bag)

  • Wacky Lunch Chest Tappers
  • LeFou – Keeping Watch for Belle


Token Sources (String)

  • Tinker Bell – Tinker with Things
  • Pete – Evil Laugh
  • Jessie – Visit Pizza Planet Aliens
  • Woody – Go on Duty
  • Cogsworth – Visit Belle’s House
  • Mrs. Potts – Check on Cupboard
  • Chip Potts – Exploring for Fun!


Leaderboard Rewards:

  • Magic
  • Resource Chests
  • Indiana Jones’s Whip Stand


Milestone Rewards:

  • Happiness
  • Medium Elixir Ingots
  • Rare Blueprints
  • Isabela*
  • *Fallback Reward: Attraction Enchantment Chest


MINI EVENT – August 17th – September 1st


Chapter 1: August 17th

  • Character unlocked: Sallah, René Belloq (Premium)


Chapter 2: August 19th

  • Attraction unlocked: Indiana Jones Adventure


Chapter 3: August 26th

  • Character unlocked: Indiana Jones


Mini Event Ends: September 1st




SPRITE TAPPERS – September 8th – September 11th


Spawn Time: Up to five (5) Sprite Tappers every two (2) hours.


Possible Leaderboard Rewards:

  • Magic
  • Rare Blueprint


Possible Milestone Rewards:

  • Happiness
  • Silver Chest
  • Uncommon Blueprints
  • Resource Chest
  • Concession Chest


SAND WHIRL TAPPERS – September 4th – September 9th


Spawn Time: Up to five (5) Sand Whirl Tappers every four (4) hours.

Characters Involved: 

  • Mulan
  • Zurg
  • Hamm


Token Sources (Brush):

  • Mike Wazowski – Perform Stand-Up
  • Mickey Mouse – Visit Minnie’s House
  • Woody – Orbiting Some Space
  • Li Shang – Report to the Emperor
  • Mushu – Scout the Training Camp
  • The Emperor – Compose Poetry


Token Sources (Dustpan):

  • Hamm – Rolling Ride
  • Jessie – A Playful Roundup
  • Sarge – Check Space Traders
  • Cri Kee – Lucky Hopping
  • Khan – Keep an Eye Out
  • Shan Yu – Infiltrate the Palace


Possible Leaderboard Rewards:

  • Silver Chest
  • Uncommon Blueprints
  • Concession Chest


Possible Milestone Rewards:

  • Happiness
  • Common Blueprints
  • Decoration Chest
  • Resource Chest
  • Luisa*
  • *Fallback Reward: Attraction Enchantment Chest


FROG TAPPERS – September 6th – September 11th


Spawn Time: Up to four (4) Frog Tappers every four (4) hours.

Characters Involved:

  • Ian
  • Roz
  • Mickey Mouse


Token Sources (Critter Net):

  • Randall Boggs – Heckle the Performer
  • Daisy Duck – Flip Some Flapjacks
  • Zurg – Play a Game
  • Laurel – Zero Obligations
  • Colt – Police Business
  • Manticore – Quest Delivery


Token Sources (Critter Container):

  • Celia Mae – Meet for Sushi
  • Goofy – Play the Tuba
  • Pete – Refined Music
  • Barley – Gut Instinct
  • Blazey – Fiery Foraging
  • Dad – Feeling Free


Possible Leaderboard Rewards:

  • Bronze Chests
  • Common Blueprints
  • Epic Blueprints


Possible Milestone Rewards: 

  • Happiness
  • Uncommon Blueprint
  • Decoration Chest
  • Resource Chest
  • Casita*
  • *Fallback Reward: Attraction Enchantment Chest



Find Gold Trophies hidden throughout the Kingdom by collecting from Attractions and Character Activities!

  • August 18th – August 21st
  • August 23rd – August 26th
  • August 28th – August 31st


Gold Trophy Sources – Character Activities

  • Prince Charming (Cinderella) - Accepting Visitors
  • Mickey Mouse – Visit the Fun Wheel
  • Bo Peep – Check Al’s Toy Barn
  • Buzz Lightyear – Go to Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters
  • Hamm – Rolling Ride
  • Jessie – Hoedown at Al’s Toy Barn
  • Sarge – Meeting at Al’s Toy Barn
  • Woody – Go on Duty
  • Snow White – Tidying Up
  • Doc – Keep Watch for Trouble
  • Grumpy – Play the Organ
  • Sleepy – Play the Flute
  • Happy – Sneaking Up on Monsters
  • Bashful – Search for Snow White
  • Sneezy – Going Through the Woods
  • Dopey – Chasing Monsters Down
  • Evil Queen – Selling Apples
  • The Prince (Snow White) – Travel the Woods
  • Sallah – Place Reinforcement Beams
  • Henry Jones, Sr. - Stumble Upon a Secret Passage
  • René Belloq – Uncover Great Power
  • Marion Ravenwood – Accidently Bump into Skeletons
  • Indiana Jones – Watch for Things That Slither


Gold Trophy Sources – Attractions:

  • Astro Orbiters
  • Mickey’s Fun Wheel
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Snow White’s Scary Adventure
  • Magic Mirror on the Wall
  • Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • Lecture Hall


Possible Leaderboard Rewards:

  • Event currency
  • Indiana Jones Relic
  • Indiana Jones Gold Trophy


  • None this update, stay tuned!


Why do we rebalance the game? Disney Magic Kingdoms is a game with many interconnected systems. Since our initial launch, we have added a lot of new features and content, and each time we do this, it can significantly affect how these systems interact with each other. To ensure that the gameplay experience remains as intended, we are sometimes required to make balancing changes. Ultimately, rebalancing the game is necessary so that Disney Magic Kingdoms is fun and enjoyable for all. Thank you for your patience and understanding!



The following Concessions have been removed from the possible rewards:

  • Pretzel Stand
  • Face Paint Studio
  • Pasta Stand
  • Swamp Gumbo Stand
  • Winnie the Pooh Hat Stand
  • Pinocchio's Hat Stand
  • Sea Monster Soda Stand
  • Marching Drum Stand


The following Concessions have been added to the possible rewards:

  • Burger Stand
  • Bunny Ears Hat Stand
  • Peanut Concession
  • Candy-Apple Stand
  • Starfish Hairband Stand
  • The Queen's Crown Stand
  • LeFou's Brew Stand
  • Sox Plushie Stand



The following Concessions have been removed from the possible rewards:

  • Light in the Forest
  • Aquatic Bench
  • Flower Planter
  • Picnic Table
  • Cantina Table Set
  • Pawpsicle Cooler
  • Mining Jewels Display
  • Stargazing Telescope
  • San Fransokyo Bench


The following Decorations have been added to the possible rewards:

  • Ice Bench
  • Storm Lantern
  • Snow White Bench
  • Hare Shrub
  • Fantasy Well
  • Beauty and the Beast DMK Billboard
  • The Queen's Throne
  • Finely Carved Organ
  • Chessboard



The following items have been removed from the Token Shop:

  • Pinocchio Relic
  • Luca Relic
  • Alice in Wonderland Relic
  • Shadow Lantern
  • Shadow Candle
  • Single Refresh


The following items have been added to the Token Shop:

  • Birdcage Bag
  • Birdcage String
  • Lunch Chest Key
  • Lunch Chest Heart Lock
  • Indiana Jones Relic



The following Attractions have been removed from the Building Shop:

  • Arendelle Courtyard Rink
  • Guinevere
  • Radcliffe Residence
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